Who We Are

About Youfu

Incorporated in April 2012, Youfu Sheet was located in Shuyang, Jiangsu, P.R. China. The main products are cold rolled full hard coils, cold rolled coils, blackplate, tinplate and TFS. With a total investment of more than 155 million USD and a registered capital of 50 million USD, Youfu has installed the most advanced, up to date, environmental friendly and efficient cold rolling and tinning equipment, as well as the most advanced laboratory instruments.

About the management

All main management of Youfu has been working in cold rolling and tinning /chroming industries for more than 15 years. Under the efforts of our Chief Engineer coming from Baosteel and Workshop Superintendent coming from Zhongyue, we have adapted a total quality management system throughout the whole business process, and certified by ISO 9000 system.

About our customer

Despite of our short history, we have already cultivated a group of loyal customers, including the COFCO group(CPMC), Huayuan (a listed can maker in China) and Hualian (largest tinplate service center in China). For foreign market, we are still in starting phase. However, a worldwide connection network has already been set up from Europe to America.

About our export department

The director of Youfu export department has 5 years tinplate export experience, who has history cooperation with European, African, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, Australian, North and South America customers. With the knowledge regarding the global customers and their preferences and routines, Youfu Export Department can provide the customers the right products with right quality, price and delivery.

About our affiliate companies

Jiangsu Dajia Packaging Co., Ltd, who is our sister company located just next door to our factory, can provide high-end printing services to end users. With several Fuji 2-color and 4-color printers installed, we can provide customers the printed tinplate/TFS according to the customers’ design, which saves the customers’ logistic cost and avoid quality dispute between tinplate mills and printing factories.