line Quantity 1
Total length 150meters
Length of the pickling and rinsing tanks 91meters
Hot rolled strip thickness 1.8~4.0mm
Hot rolled strip width 700~1050mm
Strip speed in pickling section(max.) 180meter/min
Pickling solution hydrochloric acid
Pickling Temperature 80ºC
Acid Concentration 20%

Hot rolled steel strip is raw material for tinplate production. Youfu purchase hot rolled steel strip in coils weighing between 15 and 20 metric tons from Baosteel / Shousteel / Heibeisteel etc. with thickness ranging from 1.8mm to 4.0mm.

Tinplate production in Youfu starts from pickling. Our pickling line adopts the most advanced shallow slot turbulent pickling technology. During pickling, acid is ejected from acid slot on both sides, creating strong turbulent flows. Oxidized layer on hot rolled strips is effectively removed in short but high efficient processing time and after being processed in 4 acid slots and 2 salty water slots sequentially, leaving a bright and clean surface.

The whole pickling line is 150 meters long, and its maximum production speed is 180mpm. The pickled coils are slit to certain width and then transferred to cold rolling mills for further processing.