Temper Rolling

Double-stand temper mill
Line Quantity 1
Equipment Length(meters) 20m
Maximum processing speed(mpm) 500
Annual Capacity(10000 tons/year) 15
Thickness range(mm) 0.18-0.5
Width range(mm) 700-1080
Maximum coil weight 20T
Maximum coil diameter(mm) 1800
Total installed capacity(kw) 1982

By annealing, the crystal structure of the strip can be restored, but even so, the steel after annealing cannot applied to the production of the final product directly, as it appears flange, unevenness and so on. In order to ensure the strip flatness, strips after annealing need to be tempered again without lubricant or coolant. Steel hardness will change 0.4% to 2%, while the flatness of the strip will be improved.

Moreover, Tempering with oil will make thinner and harder steel, which we call double reduce. While reducing the strip thickness, hardness correspondingly increases. For customers, double reduce technology save more material. After finishing that, steel sheets can be sold in coils or in flat sheets. But really high-volume shipments is tinning or chroming plate, which we will introduce next.