Batch Annealing
Furnace Quantity 15sets(pcs)
Annealing platform quantity 30
Annealing temperature 552ºC-800ºC
In-furnace natural gas consumption 80Nm³/h
In-furnace protection gas consumption 8~15Nm³/h

Cold rolling makes the strip hard and brittle. In this condition, it is not suitable for packaging use. Annealing make degreased strip restore necessary ductility.

In batch annealing process, those degreased strips are heated and cooled for several days in a furnace to restore the certain micro-structure within the strips.

Several coils are stacked with a total weight of up to 80 metric tons. The stack of coils are placed on a platform and covered with an inner cover and a furnace cover. An oxygen-free protective atmosphere of nitrogen or hydrogen is used to prevent oxidation of the strip and to provide for an effective heat-transferring atmosphere.

Annealing temperature is in the range of 552ºC-800ºC.