Blackplate can be applied to the packaging industry after electrolytic process, Youfu currently has two chroming lines and a tinning line. Individual coils are welded into a continuous strip running on the line. Loop tower at both ends make the line will not stop because of time break caused by welding and loading coil. After being degreased, pickled and rinsed, steel strips go through coating tank as a negative electrode.

In the coating tank, chrome/ tin disolves from the anode to be chromium / tin ions, and adhered to steel, forming coating layer. Coating mass can be set by adjusting the electronic current density. Chroming mass amount is in range of 80-120mg / m2 , while tinning amount is in range of 0.9 to 11.2g / m2. After being coated, the strip will be reflowed, passivated, oiled to increase its aspect, paintability and lubricity.

Specific persons are arranged to check whether the strip surface is defective, who are also equipped with stroboscopes. Pinhole instrument and other specialized equipment are also for equipped on the line for quality control purpose. With youfu's deep understanding in tinning and chroming production process, our tinning / chroming product quality has reached higher level.

Tinning Coating
Line Quantity 1
Total Length 126m
Strip speed(max.) 280m/min
Annual production capacity 150000T
Strip thickness 0.15~0.5mm
Strip width 700~1050mm
Coil weight(max.) 20T
Coil diameter(max.) 2000mm
Installed electricity capacity 13000kw